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KIKOKO, a renowned cannabis brand, has earned a stellar reputation for its high-quality, cannabis-infused edibles and tinctures. With a focus on holistic wellness, KIKOKO creates products that cater to various consumer needs, ensuring a tailored and enjoyable experience for all. KIKOKO

Among KIKOKO's most popular offerings are their XTabs, available in Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica varieties. These innovative products provide a consistent and convenient way to consume cannabis, with each 1000mg package containing 20 tablets. The XTabs Sativa [20pk] (1000mg), XTabs Hybrid [20pk] (1000mg), and XTabs Indica [20pk] (1000mg) are all designed to deliver a precise and enjoyable experience for users. Explore these and other KIKOKO products on Jerry's Deals.

To maximize savings and ensure transparency, consumers can utilize Jerry's Deals for comparing out-the-door prices at licensed dispensaries. By offering all-in after-tax prices, Jerry's Deals simplifies the shopping experience and helps consumers make informed decisions. With a wide range of KIKOKO products available, consumers can easily find the best deals and enjoy the brand's exceptional quality at an affordable price.

In conclusion, KIKOKO's commitment to quality and innovation, combined with Jerry's Deals' transparent price comparisons, creates a winning combination for cannabis consumers in California. By exploring the diverse product offerings on Jerry's Deals, consumers can discover the perfect KIKOKO products to suit their needs and preferences, all while enjoying the convenience and cost savings that Jerry's Deals provides.

Frequently Asked Questions About KIKOKO

  • What types of products does KIKOKO offer?
    • KIKOKO offers a diverse range of cannabis products, including edible and tincture. Each product is crafted with precision, ensuring the highest quality for consumers.
  • What products is KIKOKO known for?
    • KIKOKO is best known for the following products: HoneyShot Buzz Live Resin Ruthless OG (10mg THC), XTabs Energy 500 [20pk] (25mg THC/ 5mg THCV/ 2.5mg CBC), KIKOKO - BUZZ LITTLE HELPERS - (20PK) - [100MG], 2:1 Creativi-Tea 10 Bag Tin (100mg THC/50mg THCV), and Tranquili-Tea Pouch (5mg CBN/3mg THC)
  • What is the origin story of KIKOKO?
    • KIKOKO was founded in 2018 by Amanda Jones and Jennifer Chapin with the mission to create cannabis products that are safe, consistent, and accessible to all. The name KIKOKO comes from the Japanese phrase 'kikoku kuroshio,' meaning 'return of the black tide,' symbolizing the resurgence of the cannabis plant.
  • What makes KIKOKO unique?
    • KIKOKO stands out for its commitment to quality, safety, and transparency. All KIKOKO products are third-party lab tested for potency, purity, and consistency. The brand also offers a range of delivery methods, including tinctures, teas, and capsules, to cater to different preferences and needs.
  • Has KIKOKO received any awards or recognitions?
    • Yes, KIKOKO has received several awards and recognitions for its products and business practices. In 2020, KIKOKO was named one of the Top 100 Cannabis Companies by Green Entrepreneur. The brand's Sympa-Tea was also a finalist in the 2020 High Times Cannabis Cup.
  • What is KIKOKO's approach to social responsibility?
    • KIKOKO is committed to social responsibility and giving back to the community. The brand partners with organizations such as the California Growers Association and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) to promote social justice and equity in the cannabis industry.
  • Where can I find KIKOKO products?
    • KIKOKO products are available at licensed dispensaries throughout California. You can use the brand's store locator tool on its website to find a retailer near you.
  • How does KIKOKO ensure the safety and quality of its products?
    • KIKOKO has rigorous safety and quality protocols in place. All products are tested by third-party labs for potency, purity, and consistency. The brand also adheres to strict manufacturing standards and follows best practices for handling and storing cannabis products.

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