Velvet Dream [.3g]


Pre Roll | Infused - 10 Pack Mini Rosin Pre Roll

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About Velvet Dream [.3g] by CLSICS

Velvet Dream, a sublime indica-dominant cannabis strain, emerges as a harmonious fusion of the illustrious Dutch Treat and the luscious Blueberry strains. This enchanting cross boasts a rich genetic lineage that results in a deeply relaxing and euphoria-inducing experience. The strain's soothing effects are complemented by a burst of creative euphoria, creating a dreamy and tranquil mental state. -- Our 10 pack of .3/g dog walkers are handcrafted with carefully curated, strain specific cannabis infused with our in house processed hash to bring home this chemical free experience. These little dogwalkers pack a mighty big punch and are ideal for those in need of a quick sesh.

Frequently Asked Questions About Velvet Dream [.3g]

  • What type of cannabis product is Velvet Dream [.3g]?
    • Velvet Dream [.3g] by CLSICS is a premium Pre Roll product.

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