Purple Punch [1g]

Papa's Herb

Pre Roll | Pre Roll

Found at 11 Dispensaries


About Purple Punch [1g] by Papa's Herb

The story goes like this. It’s 1985. Papa was the king of Miami… strolling around town wearing his white suit, mesh loafers, and dark shades, chatting up all the ladies. Papa knew everybody and everybody knew Papa. He was the kind of guy you couldn’t help but like - a big personality with a big heart. Papa always remembered your name. And when you needed weed, he’d hook you up. He always had a stash of the good stuff. Papa just loved to share the happiness. So here’s to Papa. He’s always sharing the good times.

Frequently Asked Questions About Purple Punch [1g]

  • What type of cannabis product is Purple Punch [1g]?
    • Purple Punch [1g] by Papa's Herb is a premium Pre Roll product.

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