Blueberry Cupcake [1000mg]

Buddies Brand

Vape | Liquid Live Resin Disposable

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About Blueberry Cupcake [1000mg] by Buddies Brand

1000mg All-in-One Vaporizer - Liquid Diamonds Live Resin. Our signature Buddies Brand Liquid Diamonds™ live resin inside a 500mg tank. These branded Blinc™ all-in-one vape pens are rechargeable via micro USB port, built-in at the base. Ceramic coil, stainless steel body, quartz glass chamber. -- Liquid Diamonds™ live resin begins with fresh frozen, whole-plant inputs. Uncut live resin with no distillate or cutting agents. The same full spectrum experience of live resin dabs with the convenience of a delivery device in your pocket! We developed a proprietary Liquid Diamonds process that brings you uncut live resin, with no additives, distillate, or non-cannabis adulterants. Always fresh frozen flower, sourced from Buddies farms or partner farms. That's the Buddies Brand™ Soil to Oil ethic.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blueberry Cupcake [1000mg]

  • What type of cannabis product is Blueberry Cupcake [1000mg]?
    • Blueberry Cupcake [1000mg] by Buddies Brand is a premium Vape product.

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