Rum Cake x Zerbert [1.5g]

BeMore Blunt

Pre Roll | Infused Blunt

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About Rum Cake x Zerbert [1.5g] by BeMore Blunt

The BeMore Original you’ve come to know and love infused with Shaman Extracts! This blunt features expertly curated hand-selected indoor flower, sourced from the top cultivators in California and is infused with Shaman Extracts high terpene extract using our proprietary infusion method. We use 80% bud, 20% extract, hitting over 40% combined THC. Tobacco-free and packed with full bud - no shake or trim - rolled in 100% hemp wraps and finished with all natural sugar cane tips.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rum Cake x Zerbert [1.5g]

  • What type of cannabis product is Rum Cake x Zerbert [1.5g]?
    • Rum Cake x Zerbert [1.5g] by BeMore Blunt is a premium Pre Roll product.

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