Melted Strawberries

Ember Valley

Flower | Shake

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About Melted Strawberries by Ember Valley

Melted Strawberries is a showstopper and we can’t keep it on the shelf no matter how hard we try. If you see it, snag it and enjoy the masterpiece. A GMO and Strawberry Guava cross that tests high, tastes like it sounds and packs a punch when you need fast-acting relief from mental stress and muscular tension. This indica is best enjoyed in the early evening hours. - Effects: Pain relief, Uplifting, Creative Nose: Sugar, Fruit, Herbal Taste: Sweet, Berry, Garlic

Frequently Asked Questions About Melted Strawberries

  • What type of cannabis product is Melted Strawberries?
    • Melted Strawberries by Ember Valley is a premium Flower product.

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