Bad Apple

Everyday Dabs

Extract | Sugar

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About Bad Apple by Everyday Dabs

Everyday Sugar is a form of concentrate that has a micro crystalline structure similar in size to grains of sugar and tend to be very high in THC-A. Sugar diamonds are the perfect ratio of cannabinoids and THC-A coated terpenes and flavonoids. A balanced favorite for a peak dabbing experience -- Everyday Dabs is on a mission to deliver the highest quality cannabis products at lower prices to every ritual, lifestyle, and taste. When we saw there were no brands offering high quality weed at affordable prices, we founded Everyday Dabs to answer the call. Still meticulous with our attention to detail, processes, and selection - we just found a way to create products that deliver consistency, potency, and fire without emptying your wallet. -- So whether you’re new to weed, consume daily, or are looking to try something new, let Everyday Dabs be your go-to.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bad Apple

  • What type of cannabis product is Bad Apple?
    • Bad Apple by Everyday Dabs is a premium Extract product.

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