Helato De Platano

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About Helato De Platano by Royal Key Organics

Helato De Platano is a Royal Key pheno of the Gelato x Banana OG (Correy's Cut). It's well balanced terpene profile lends to a rich experience of Gelato and sweet Banana Kush notes. A very potent, but surprisingly functional extract. -- https://www.suprizesuprize.com/project/helato-de-platano -- Cannabinoids: 91.57% | THC 76.08% | Terpenes 5.16% | CBD .19% -- Grown from: seed -- Terroir (region grown): Royal Key Indoor Living Soil Beds -- Cultivation methods: Indoor organic living soil practices -- Smell notes: Gelato, Bananas, and Kush -- Taste notes: Sweet Kush -- Effect notes: Very potent, but not sleepy -- Breeder: HSO, Corey

Frequently Asked Questions About Helato De Platano

  • What type of cannabis product is Helato De Platano?
    • Helato De Platano by Royal Key Organics is a premium Extract product.

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