Watermelon Gelato


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About Watermelon Gelato by Brite

THC: 87.31%. Watermelon Gelato is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Watermelon Zkittlez X Gelato #45.This strain produces uplifting effects that take hold instantly and put your mind into a cerebral, relaxing haze. Watermelon Gelato features bright, floral flavors with earthy undertones. -- Brite Labs makes 100% cannabis extracts in small-batches with cannabis terpenes preserved to offer a natural, balanced, vape experience that is closest to flower. -- Yours truly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Watermelon Gelato

  • What type of cannabis product is Watermelon Gelato?
    • Watermelon Gelato by Brite is a premium Vape product.

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