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About 4:1 Peach [10pk] (100mg CBD/25mg THC) by Kanha

The 4:1 Peach [10pk] (100mg CBD/25mg THC) combines the best of both worlds to deliver a unique and enticing cannabis experience. Crafted with precision and care, this delightful product captures the essence of the luscious peach, a fruit known for its delicate floral sweetness and invigorating tanginess. Originally cultivated in Ancient China, peaches have been appreciated for centuries for their delectable taste and natural goodness.

Each gummy in the 4:1 Peach CBD package contains 10mg of CBD and a microdose of 2.5mg THC, perfectly balanced to give users the desired effects. With the added infusion of terpenes like limonene, α-humulene, and myrcene, these gummies offer a burst of captivating flavors and aromas. The combination of CBD and THC in a 4:1 ratio ensures a mellow experience with limited THC elevation, making it an ideal choice for those seeking relaxation and peace of mind without overwhelming psychoactive effects.

One of the primary benefits of the 4:1 Peach CBD gummies is their ability to support focus and concentration. The ample CBD content promotes a sense of calmness and mental clarity, allowing users to stay engaged and productive throughout the day. Whether tackling a demanding project or seeking a moment of tranquility, these gummies offer a gentle and enjoyable solution to enhance overall well-being.

The craftsmanship behind the creation of these gummies is evident in their fluffy-soft texture and mouth-watering taste. Every bite reveals the expertly balanced blend of flavors, accentuating the natural sweetness of the peach with a hint of sourness. Meticulously crafted, these gummies are a testament to the dedication and precision put into creating a truly remarkable cannabis product.

For optimal use, it is recommended to start with a single gummy and wait for the effects to fully manifest before consuming more. As with any cannabis product, individual tolerances may vary, so it's important to take it slow and find the dosage that works best for each user. Whether enjoying them alone or sharing with friends, the 4:1 Peach CBD gummies provide a delightful and flavorful experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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KANHA 4:1 Peach CBD Gummies -- 100mg CBD x 25mg THC per bag -- The peach, a stone fruit that originated in Ancient China, delights the palate with gentle floral sweetness spiked with sour and tangy notes. Packing all this flavor in a fluffy-soft base, 4:1 Peach CBD delivers 10mg of CBD and a 2.5mg microdose of THC in each gummy, with an added kick of flavors and aromas from terpenes like limonene, α-humulene and myrcene. With limited THC elevation, this gummy supports focus and concentration while providing the relaxing benefits of ample CBD content.

Frequently Asked Questions About 4:1 Peach [10pk] (100mg CBD/25mg THC)

  • What type of cannabis product is 4:1 Peach [10pk] (100mg CBD/25mg THC)?
    • 4:1 Peach [10pk] (100mg CBD/25mg THC) by Kanha is a premium Edlble product.

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