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About Passionfruit Paradise - Indica [20pk] (100mg) by Kanha

Introducing Passionfruit Paradise - Indica [20pk] (100mg), an exquisite cannabis product that stands out amidst the expansive cannabis market. Crafted with utmost precision and care, this Indica gummy offers a truly unique and captivating experience for cannabis enthusiasts.

What sets Passionfruit Paradise - Indica apart is its infusion of an exotic South American gem - passion fruit. With its refreshing wave of tropical goodness, the tangy citrus flavor perfectly complements the premium indica oil and carefully selected terpenes like myrcene and α-humulene. These terpenes not only enhance the taste but also contribute to the entourage effect, offering a more holistic and satisfying experience.

Our exclusive NANO technology takes the user experience to a whole new level. It ensures better absorption and faster onset times, guaranteeing that the effects of each gummy are felt within a shorter timeframe. Each package contains 20 gummies, with each gummy meticulously dosed at 5mg of THC. This makes them ideal for microdosing or customizing the experience according to personal preferences.

KANHA, the visionary brand behind Passionfruit Paradise - Indica, takes pride in being the first to introduce fast-acting effects to the industry. Their innovative NANO gummies have become the gold standard when it comes to cannabis consumption. With Passionfruit Paradise - Indica, KANHA continues to solidify their position as industry leaders.

In conclusion, Passionfruit Paradise - Indica [20pk] (100mg) combines the rich flavors of passion fruit with the benefits of indica cannabis, providing a truly unique and enjoyable cannabis experience. Whether you're seeking relaxation after a long day or simply looking to unwind, this product has got you covered.

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KANHA Nano Passionfruit Paradise Indica Gummies -- 20 pieces x 5mg/gummy = 100mg/bag -- An exotic South American gem, passion fruit tastes like a refreshing wave of tropical goodness. Pairing the tangy citrus flavor with premium indica oil and terpenes like myrcene and α-humulene, Passionfruit Paradise Indica offers better absorption and faster onset times thanks to our exclusive NANO technology. Sold in packages of 20, each gummy contains 5mg of THC, an ideal amount for microdosing or customizing your experience. KANHA, the first to introduce fast-acting effects, remains the industry leader with NANO gummies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Passionfruit Paradise - Indica [20pk] (100mg)

  • What type of cannabis product is Passionfruit Paradise - Indica [20pk] (100mg)?
    • Passionfruit Paradise - Indica [20pk] (100mg) by Kanha is a premium Edlble product.

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