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About Huckleberry - Hybrid [10pk] (100mg) by WYLD

Experience the perfect blend of indulgence and rejuvenation with Huckleberry - Hybrid [10pk] (100mg) cannabis gummies. These delectable treats are meticulously crafted with real fruit and infused with a balanced hybrid terpene profile, offering a unique and uplifting experience that can enhance your sense of cheerfulness and overall well-being. Whether you're embarking on a day-to-day adventure or simply looking to unwind, these gummies are designed to provide the perfect balance.

Each package contains a total of 100mg THC, with each gummy delivering a gentle dose of 10mg THC. This allows for precise and controlled consumption, so you can tailor your experience to suit your preferences and needs.

The ingredients in these delightful gummies are carefully selected to ensure a remarkable taste and optimal quality. Made with tapioca syrup, sugar, water, huckleberry juice concentrate, gelatin, pectin, natural flavoring, coconut oil, citric acid, malic acid, cannabis extract, and sunflower lecithin, every bite is a harmonious fusion of flavors and textures.

For those with dietary restrictions, it's worth noting that these gummies contain coconut. However, the overall formulation is designed to cater to a wide range of cannabis enthusiasts, providing a delightful experience for many.

If you're seeking a cannabis product that offers more than just THC, Huckleberry - Hybrid [10pk] (100mg) is the ideal choice. It introduces the unique concept of a balanced hybrid terpene profile, which can contribute to an enhanced user experience and a well-rounded high. This perfectly calibrated blend cultivates a sense of cheerfulness and overall well-being, making it perfect for both daytime and nighttime enjoyment.

In conclusion, Huckleberry - Hybrid [10pk] (100mg) cannabis gummies offer a comprehensive and enjoyable experience for cannabis enthusiasts. With their exceptional craftsmanship, balanced hybrid terpene profile, and exquisite ingredients, these gummies provide a delectable way to incorporate cannabis into your daily routine. Whether you're looking for an uplifting boost or a moment of relaxation, these gummies offer a unique and satisfying option. Don't miss out on the opportunity to try Huckleberry - Hybrid [10pk] (100mg) and discover the perfect combination of indulgence and wellness.

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Our Huckleberry Hybrid gummies are made with real fruit and enhanced with a balanced hybrid terpene profile that may assist in creating a sense of cheerfulness and overall well being. Ideal for your day-to-day adventures! --- It’s a little like the perfect balance of wearing pajamas to work. Enjoy! --- 100mg THC per package, 10mg THC per gummy --- Ingredients: Tapioca Syrup, Sugar, Water (H20), Huckleberry Juice Concentrate, Gelatin, Pectin (Pectin, Sodium Citrate), Natural Flavoring, Coconut Oil, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Cannabis Extract, Sunflower Lecithin Contains: Coconut

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  • What type of cannabis product is Huckleberry - Hybrid [10pk] (100mg)?
    • Huckleberry - Hybrid [10pk] (100mg) by WYLD is a premium Edlble product.

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