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Introducing Bad Apple, a versatile hybrid strain highly regarded in the expansive cannabis market. Crafted through the careful crossbreeding of Atomic Apple and Xeno #10, this exceptional cultivar boasts vibrant lime-colored buds adorned with burnt-orange hairs. Upon breaking apart, the buds reveal hidden purple hues beneath a glistening layer of crystals, making for a visually stunning experience.

What sets Bad Apple apart is its immaculate terpene profile. As the name suggests, this hybrid strain emanates a unique aroma reminiscent of sour apples, Flintstones vitamins, sweet vanilla, and gas. On the exhale, it leaves a tantalizing taste of watermelon rind. The initial puff of Bad Apple induces a heady stoniness that comfortably settles behind the eyes, ideally complementing a relaxing night in.

For those seeking a more subdued experience, smaller doses of Bad Apple are known to unlock a giggly and creative high, accompanied by a full-bodied relaxation that gradually envelops the senses during longer sessions. However, caution is advised for novice users as this potent phenotype can surprise even the most seasoned stoners with its intensity.

Bad Apple's charm extends beyond its effects. Prominent terpenes, including D-Limonene, β-Myrcene, and β-Caryophyllene, enhance its already impressive aroma and contribute to its captivating experience.

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Bad Apple is a versatile hybrid strain bred by crossing Atomic Apple with Xeno #10. The vibrant lime-colored buds of this high-quality cultivar are covered with burnt-orange hairs and break apart to reveal purple hues hiding under a thick coating of crystals. In addition to being visually appealing, Bad Apple offers cannabis enthusiasts an immaculate terpene profile that, as the name implies, influences a distinctive aroma redolent of sour apples, Flintstones vitamins, sweet vanilla, and gas. This heavy-hitter tastes like watermelon rind on the exhale and instantly encourages a heady stoniness that settles behind the eyes - pairing perfectly with a chill night in. In smaller doses, Bad Apple has been reported to produce a giggly and creative high accompanied by a dose of full-bodied relaxation that develops during longer sessions. However, novice users should be warned, this potent phenotype has the potential to creep up on you with an intensity that can surprise even the most seasoned stoners. ----- Hybrid Lineage: Atomic Apple x Xeno #10 ----- Prominent terpenes: D-Limonene, β-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene

Frequently Asked Questions About Bad Apple

  • What type of cannabis product is Bad Apple?
    • Bad Apple by Connected Cannabis Co is a premium Flower product.

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