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About Soft Gels [10pk] (100mg) by Absolute Xtracts

The Soft Gels [10pk] (100mg) is an exceptional cannabis product that stands out in the expansive cannabis market. With its precisely dosed gel caps, this product offers a convenient and easy-to-consume option for those seeking long-lasting relief. Crafted with utmost care and expertise, each soft gel contains 10mg of cannabis oil, ensuring consistent potency and efficacy.

What sets these soft gels apart is the addition of high-quality organic coconut oil (MCT) in its formulation. This inclusion aids in the absorption of the cannabis oil, maximizing its therapeutic benefits. The meticulous craftsmanship behind the creation of these soft gels guarantees optimal absorption and an enhanced user experience.

When it comes to the intended effects, the Soft Gels [10pk] (100mg) offers a potential range of benefits, including pain relief, relaxation, and overall well-being. Users can expect a gradual onset of the product's effects, which may be delayed by up to 2 hours due to the nature of edibles. This delayed release ensures a sustained and prolonged experience.

The ingredients of these soft gels include cannabis oil, coconut oil, and gelatin. Each component is carefully selected to maintain the purity and quality of the product. The cannabis oil used is of premium grade, ensuring the presence of desired cannabinoids and terpenes.

For optimal use, it is recommended to start with a low dosage and gradually increase as needed. This allows users to find their ideal dosage for personalized relief. The Soft Gels [10pk] (100mg) provide a precise and measured dose, offering consistency and convenience to the consumers.

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10mg Soft Gels - 10 capsules Cannabis oil in an easy to consume, precisely dosed gel cap. Ideal for long-lasting relief. We add high-quality organic coconut oil (MCT) to aid absorption of the cannabis oil for optimal benefits. (Use Caution: As with any edible, the intoxicating effects of this product may be delayed by up to 2 hours). Ingredients: Cannabis Oil, Coconut Oil, Gelatin.

Frequently Asked Questions About Soft Gels [10pk] (100mg)

  • What type of cannabis product is Soft Gels [10pk] (100mg)?
    • Soft Gels [10pk] (100mg) by Absolute Xtracts is a premium Edlble product.

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