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73740 El Paseo, Palm Desert, California, 92260
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92235, 92264, 92260, 92066, 92592, 92086, 92060, 92004, 92223, 92256, 92254, 92252, 92268, 92539, 92549, 92544, 92284, 92546, 92543, 92339, 92275, 92545, 92561, 92583, 92581, 92582, 92059, 92061, 92070, 92082, 92548, 92552, 92305, 92320, 92399, 92386, 92373, 92359, 92315, 92314, 92551, 92596, 92567, 92591, 92555, 92563, 92556, 92554, 92585, 92589, 92593, 92584, 92230, 92220, 92536, 92286, 92586, 92571, 92564, 92572, 92599, 92587, 92276, 92234, 92201, 92203, 92202, 92241, 92263, 92236, 92262, 92258, 92240, 92282, 92255, 92261, 92210, 92248, 92247, 92270, 92211, 92253, 92274

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About The Leaf

Located in the heart of El Paseo - Palm Desert’s world-class retail, art and dining district - and only minutes from the site of the celebrated Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, The Leaf offers a variety of superior cannabis products for medical, therapeutic and recreational use. Designed for both the fully initiated and the newly curious, The Leaf’s state-of-the-art showroom provides a carefully curated customer buying experience, complete with personal concierge service and staff recommendations, all in a relaxed, welcoming space. For elevated tastes, The Leaf fits your lifestyle.

The Leaf, nestled in the heart of Palm Desert, California, is a premier cannabis retailer representing the epitome of excellence and sophistication in the thriving cannabis market. Located at 73740 El Paseo, The Leaf boasts a prime location that perfectly resonates with the local ethos and vibrant vibe of the community.

What sets The Leaf apart is its commitment to offering an unparalleled selection of top-quality cannabis products, carefully curated to cater to the most discerning cannabis enthusiasts. From premium flower strains to a vast array of edibles, concentrates, and accessories, The Leaf leaves no stone unturned in satisfying every customer's unique preferences.

At The Leaf, innovation takes center stage, as they constantly strive to provide an immersive shopping experience that goes beyond expectations. The dispensary is adorned with modern aesthetics and a warm ambiance, welcoming patrons into a realm where relaxation and exploration coincide seamlessly. Friendly and knowledgeable staff members are always on hand to guide customers through their cannabis journey, ensuring that every visit is an enlightening and personalized experience.

Moreover, The Leaf is deeply committed to the highest standards of product safety and transparency. Rigorous quality control measures and stringent third-party lab testing processes are in place to guarantee the utmost purity and potency of their offerings. This commitment to quality not only ensures customer satisfaction but also establishes The Leaf as a trusted and reliable source for cannabis enthusiasts seeking peace of mind.

Convenience is another aspect that elevates The Leaf in the cannabis market. The dispensary offers convenient hours of operation, allowing customers to indulge in their passion for cannabis at their own leisure. Additionally, The Leaf's online ordering system provides a seamless and efficient way for patrons to browse and purchase their favorite products from the comfort of their own homes, further enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Finally, The Leaf understands the value of community and collaboration. The dispensary actively engages with local artisans and cultivators, showcasing their talents and celebrating the rich cultural heritage within the cannabis industry. This commitment to embracing the local ethos creates a harmonious and interconnected cannabis community that extends beyond the walls of The Leaf.

In conclusion, The Leaf stands tall as a beacon of excellence in the bustling cannabis market. With its prime location, unrivaled selection of top-quality products, dedication to customer satisfaction, and commitment to community, The Leaf has firmly established itself as the go-to cannabis retailer in Palm Desert, California.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Leaf

  • Does The Leaf offer delivery services?
    • The Leaf does offer delivery services.
  • What payment methods are accepted at The Leaf?
    • The Leaf accepts the following payment types: cash
  • Does The Leaf offer adult-use cannabis products?
    • The Leaf does offer adult-use cannabis products.
  • What is the tax rate at The Leaf?
    • The tax rate at The Leaf is 0.2389752204955901.
  • Can I order online from The Leaf and pick up in-store?
    • The Leaf does offer online ordering and in-store pickup.
  • What are the hours that The Leaf is open?
    • The Leaf is open the following hours:
      • Sunday: -
      • Monday: -
      • Tuesday: -
      • Wednesday: -
      • Thursday: -
      • Friday: -
      • Saturday: -
  • Is The Leaf wheelchair accessible?
    • The Leaf is wheelchair accessible.
  • Is there parking available at The Leaf?
    • Yes, The Leaf has parking available for its customers. There is ample parking space, ensuring convenience and ease of access for visitors.
  • What's the distance between The Leaf and the nearest airport?
    • The Leaf is located approximately 14 miles away from the nearest airport, Palm Springs International Airport. Traveling to and from the dispensary is convenient for both locals and out-of-town visitors.
  • Is The Leaf accessible by public transportation?
    • Yes, The Leaf is easily accessible by public transportation. There are several bus stops within walking distance of the dispensary, making it convenient for those without a private vehicle.
  • Are there any attractions or points of interest near The Leaf?
    • The Leaf is situated in Palm Desert, California, a vibrant city known for its beautiful landscapes and recreational offerings. Nearby attractions include the El Paseo shopping district, Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, and the Palm Desert Civic Center Park.

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